Financing, Grants, and Rebates



If you do not qualify for the subidy, two to six weeks after the job is completed participating customers will receive a 10% rebate check from NYSERDA.


Participants may finance energy efficient improvements though Empire Home Energy Solutions. You can only qualify for low– interest financing, rebates, and incentives if the work is performed by a participating Building Performance Institue Accredited Home Performance Contractor through the Home Performance with the ENERGY STAR program.


The Assisted Home Performance program with ENERGY STAR provides an additional subsidy to assist income-qualified customers to pay for cost-effective energy efficient improvements. Cash incentives, utility rebates, and grants are also available. Customers that qualify for this program receive a 50% subsidy towards elligible measures to a maximum of $5,000 for a single family household or $10,000 for a 2-4 family building.


With NYSERDA’s On-Bill recovery financing program, it will provide homeowners the convenience of paying for energy improvements on their utility bills.  If the home is sold, the unpaid balance of the loan can be transferred to the new owners.

The Government pays you to save!!

Your Empire Home Energy Advisor will help you identify all applicable rebates related to your energy upgrades and answer all questions you may have.


Signs of Energy Loss

home-energy-lossIn the Home

Energy loss can be is very common and can be found in many homes that have poor insulation and poor heating and cooling.

Energy loss can drive up costs as much as 60% and makes it harder for you and your family to live comfortable. Some signs of energy loss is ice dams, mold and mildew, drafty and cold spots in the home. Energy loss can also cause allergy like symptoms.

We look at your entire home and not just small minor areas. We use the "whole house" method to discover the problem, plus we provide energy efficient ENERGY STAR products that will be a solid investment to save you and your family money and energy.

We're your energy and incentives experts. Let us show you how to maximize all possible savings and cash rebates!!!

Basic Causes for Energy Loss
  • Poor roof and wall insulation
  • Inadequate windows and doors
  • Faulty heating and cooling unit
  • Structural damageto building
  • Improper air sealing around windows, fixtures, and doors

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We Make Your Home More Comfortable and Save Money! 
  • iStock_000010985883small-_family_in_front_of_house-369x240Up To 40% Savings On Energy Bills
  • Higher Home Resale Value
  • A quieter, more comfortable living environment
  • Improved air quality for better health
  • Greater home durability with low maintenance
  • Increased Environmental Safety and Energy Efficiency

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